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Noa Noa @ BOZAR: Brussels (Belgium) #2

Brussels, Belgium

9h30 + 13h00


The BIG BANG festival is a festive tribute to adventurous sound art and music-making for children. It began twenty years ago with the OORSMEER festival in Ghent. The labyrinthine Vooruit building in Ghent was filled to capacity with adventurous musicians and sound installations. A large young audience witnessed the resounding launch. OORSMEER was the beginning of a new chapter in the musical landscape for children. Twenty years later, and under its new name BIG BANG, OORSMEER has conquered the world from Hamburg to Lisbon, from Ghent to Sao Paulo, from Athens to Seville, from Antwerp to Stavanger and from Brussels to Lille. Zonzo Compagnie is the driving force behind BIG BANG. It ensures that hundreds of artists find a new audience, all over the world. Each year 40,000 children and their parents attend the festival and discover the richness and diversity of the world of music and sounds. This year we are celebrating with three BIG BANG festivals in November. We will be treating you to a delightful surprise at deSingel in Antwerp, the Centre for Fine Arts in Brussels and Opera Vlaanderen and the Handelsbeurs Concert Hall in Ghent.

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