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5º 2016


Idanha’s wealth of heritage is now appreciated worldwide. UNESCO Creative City in the field of music since December 2015. Biosphere Reserve in 2016, which also marks 10 years since the creation of Geopark Naturtejo da Meseta Meridional, the first Geopark in Portugal and the first UNESCO classification in the region. These three awards give Idanha a special status: it is a UNESCO territory, combining tangible and intangible heritages. It is a source of pride for all those who live here. And a huge responsibility. Recognition of its patrimonial value is not an end in itself. It is the validation of a path, an incentive to continue the good practices that sustain this recognition. This includes the results of the work carried out with various European authorities. In 2015, Idanha-a-Nova became a member of the Strasbourg Club, a collective of European cities that debates and promotes the European Project, a controversial topic nowadays. Strasbourg is also the stage where, through Idanha, our country will be represented at the 2016 Christmas Market. Five centuries old, the largest and oldest Christmas fair in Europe, Portugal will be its guest nation in 2016 and, for a month, Idanha’s culture and productive activities will be highlighted as part of the country’s representation. This point in fact reflects one of the key elements of the municipality’s sustainable development strategy. The primary sector is registering very significant growth, due to projects linked to the Rural Base Incubator and the strategy of promoting local products in Portugal and abroad. A year ago, the Fora do Lugar international early music festival was the stage for good news. Today, it is again the stage on which we celebrate the first anniversary as a UNESCO Creative City of Music, bringing together concepts, practices and territories that reflect a unifying mission with a global profile. These days, the integrated action of various productive sectors present in the region, with innovative and organised approaches, makes more and more sense. It is along this path that we wish to continue, producing more effective and long-lasting results. To everyone, our most heartfelt thanks!

Armindo Jacinto
Mayor of Idanha-a-Nova


On the fifth day of the journey we can stop. Stop to listen. To talk. We can stop in order to start again... or stop in order to stop. To see what’s there or just close our eyes and listen. These lands are new.... the earth in my hand falls to the ground of the same colour, that stone wasn’t there... and that tree that protects me used to be so small. Here we have a memory of what we didn’t live. It is the land, to which we are inexorably bound... it is the whistling wind, or the water that falls from the air in drops, sometimes heavy, sometimes not. The bright sun. The fog that conceals. The song of that bird. I don’t know how to explain it, but we are here, in Idanha, as if we had always been here. As if we had been born under that big rock that shelters the fox from the rain. We are brothers and sisters of this time and this space that is different here than in any other part of the world... Everything passes. Serenely. And we pass through everything. We remember, as if it were today, that which we didn’t live. And realise that... here there is no past, only present... and all the futures that are fed by the present. Here we are the sum of every day of every time... because, even if we wanted to, we can’t experience yesterday... That is the gift of these lands. Everything together, in one place, in one time... That is why we can be in the right place and, at the same time, out of place... As if we were seeing ourselves when younger, as children, growing and playing... and then as adults, old people, sitting in the shade of that orchard and wanting to kick a ball around, or to throw a stone into the river because we can... or to climb that rock and shout at the passing air. On the fifth day of the journey we bring more memories to Idanha to add to our own. Memories of sounds, songs, mnemonics for remembering trivia or special ideas, muttered words and whispers... pieces of wood, trunks and branches of trees that become sounds in someone’s hands. Here we are simply happy. And the sky is dark at night and light by day, as it should be. Idanha is an invitation. Being out of place is irresistible. Here... we have a memory of what we didn’t live... even of what we are not and would perhaps like to be. And we begin everything one more time as if it were the first... time. See you soon.

Filipe Faria
Director of Festival Fora do Lugar and Arte das Musas



Kepa Junkera (España), Idanha-a-Velha © Filipe Faria 2016